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Dr Kailey is retiring Posted on 14 Sep 2023

Retirement farewell honoring Dr. Lakhbir Kailey.
Retiring after 30 years

Dr Kailey will be holding farewell afternoons that are open to all patients, colleagues, friends and members of the community.

Her farewell afternoon at Danson Crescent will be on Tuesday 19th September from 12.30pm to 2.00pm and Avery hill will be Monday 25th September at 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Goodbye and Thank you (A message from Dr Kailey)

Dear Patients,

I am writing to let you know that for family reasons I have retired from my work as a full time GP partner at Welling Medical Practice after nearly 30 years -I joined in 1995.

Medicine and indeed life as a GP has changed immeasurably during my career . However , at the heart the principle of personal patient care remains key . As a GP , despite challenging circumstances , I have felt privileged to have been of service to my patients and been a part of their lives often at the most difficult times . I have learnt so much - thank-you.

To my patients and my colleagues (past and present ) at Welling Medical Practice I - wish you all well and thank you for the kindness and support you have shown me over the years. The practice has been very much like a family and I wish all my colleagues well for the future and despite the current challenging environment , I am sure they will continue to do their best to provide excellent patient care for our patients.

Best Wishes

Dr Lakhbir Kailey

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